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  • Joel Kubie

Office Leasing Activity Rebounds at Year's End says Office Leasing has rebounded at year's end, "At the end of the year, office leasing activity rebounded, accounting for 50% of the total office leasing volume during the year. The reason: corporate office expansions, according to data from ZoomInfo"

"Corporate users have continued to expand office footprints this year, culminating in office leasing activity in September, October and November. According to ZoomInfo data, 539 office-using companies are expanding in 2020. Amazon is among the drivers of this growth. This year, the tech giant has expanded its physical office space in six tech hubs, adding 3,500 new jobs to the market."

All good signs - as I posted on LinkedIn last week:

Seeing some positive momentum in the office space market. The companies that are in the market for new space are the ones looking to be opportunistic with the tenant friendly pricing shift. Office is not dead and NYC will certainly be back stronger than ever!

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