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  • Joel Kubie

"NYC offices are going to look like your apartment when you finally go back to work"

This was the photo used in the article. My first thought - I wish I lived in this apartment building. My second thought - if my apartment looked like this, I would be very excited for my office to have finishes like this too.

My biggest takeaway was "If they aren't built they aren't leasing".

Respectfully disagree.

Of course there is a large group of companies looking for a built space, probably a move in ready & fully furnished sublease. However, right now with the tenant friendly pricing shift, there's definitely a significant group of perspective tenants that are in the market for a space that the landlord will fully build to spec with high end materials. A blank canvas. Tenants are in the drivers seat and can take advantage of what's out there. You can lock in a long term deal at a WELL BELOW MARKET price for a brand new space designed exactly to your specifications.

Everyone knows what they're looking for but "if they aren't built they aren't leasing" is inaccurate.

PS - Do I have to start looking for a new apartment now?


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