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  • Joel Kubie

Broker Confidence in Real Estate Market Experiences an Uptick After Record Lows

“Broker confidence rebounding at the end of 2020 illustrates that the industry has an increasingly positive view that we can overcome the immediate challenges we face, including vaccinating all New Yorkers, getting New Yorkers back to work and boosting our economy,” said REBNY President James Whelan. “

I can't say that our office is BUZZING with volume, positivity, coming/going, and chaos like our leasing office was last year at this time. I will say that I feel like it's coming back. There's some positive momentum in the air. There's an uptick in inquiries and showings/tours. There's a lot of curiosity from prospective tenants - "What's the market like?"

"I'm hearing there are deals in Midtown in the low $30's psf is that true?"

"There's got to be a ton of subleases out there, right?"

The answer to curiosity is always a positive message on my end. There are some fantastic deals out there. There is a ton of office space available - Fully, furnished & wired or white boxed ready for a new installation. Pricing has come down significantly. Most importantly, people are starting to get back to the office. I had to stand on the subway the other day and I was happy about it (there were plenty of seats available but I didn't want to sit next to anyone).

My main job now is to generate conversation and provide positive energy & feedback. Give me a ring, let's talk.

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